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The inspiration for my paintings comes from artists who set the stage for abstract expressionism -- Monet, Malevich, O'Keefe, Miro, Kandinsky -- and those who made it one of the most important artistic movements within modernism, such as Pollock, Still, de Kooning, Frankenthaler, Reinhardt, Kline, Mitchell, Francis, Jenkins, Richter.

Most of these great painters spent parts of their careers creating figurative art. Pollock is known to have said "I'm very representational some of the time, and a little all of the time." My work is entirely non-representational. Just as Pollock did with most of his 'action' paintings I date and number by way of naming my work, in order to provide as little preconception to the viewing experience as possible.

With a debt as well to process artists I select colors, sheens and viscosities and watch how they interact on canvas. Sometimes the magic doesn't work; I've re-worked canvases a number of times. When it does I'm fascinated by the richness of detail, the interference patterns and the strong resulting sense of motion and form. At times I see these paintings as details in themselves; parts of larger works that are only hinted at, orders of magnification which in turn can be magnified, allowing for ever greater detail and delicacy to emerge. Parts within patterns, worlds within worlds.

Evan Sinclair Paintings